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Business Backpack in Hand Colored Linen with Natural Leather

Made to-measure Business Backpack in stain and water
repellent, colorfast, hand-colored linen and leather trim.

natural or tannery-colored leather trim $1250
hand-colored leather trim $2500.

We hand-coat and custom color Belgian artist linen to make our new, linen and leather Business Backpack for you. You may order any color of linen with natural leather, tannery-colored leather, or hand-colored leather trim. Linen and leather styles are about 30% lighter weight than all-leather styles. Innovative linen coloring and finishing techniques result in linen and leather constructions as durable as their all-leather counterparts. Interchangeable, modular organizers and kits make them as versatile as well.

The Business Backpack is one of our new, freestanding pedestal designs. Even when fully unzipped, its pedestal base assures your backpack is as stable and easily worked from as our top loading travelers’ briefcase styles. Without extra charge, we’ll customize your backpack’s dimensions to fit you, your laptop, and the contents you carry. And we’ll adapt the size and shape of our modular kits and organizers to fit the unique dimensions of your made to-measure backpack.

Schedule a free Zoom® video chat to talk with us about custom making your linen and leather backpack, organizers and kits to-measure for you.

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Business Backpack in Hand Burnished Natural Leather

Introducing our new, custom made backpack that holds a Leica® M-System or Hasselblad®…

Natural or Tannery Colored Leather: $1200
Hand-Colored leather: $2400

We’ll custom make your backpack of natural, tannery colored, or hand-colored leather with your choice of lining colors and silver or brass hardware. Schedule a free Zoom® video chat with Kari and Myron to discuss your requirements and specify your backpack’s colors, materials, strap lengths and dimensions…

and you can alternate your optional camera insert with your
backpack’s supplied laptop sleeve and optional organizers to reformat your backpack for work, travel, overnight gear, tablets and accessories.

Email or call 415-552-3188
1469 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109 ©Glaser Design