Ellie Tote in natural leather with hand-painted, water resistant interior.


The natural leather Ellie Tote quickly darkens to a rich, saddle brown color. The top flaps unzip and fold out-of-the-way to lay flat against the sides of the tote.We make optional organizers to interchangeably compartmentalize the way your tote works for you.

We hand-sand the tote’s interior panels prior to hand-painting them with colorfast, stain and water resistant colors you specify.

The size of the Ellie Tote ranges from 14 x 11 x 4″ to 17 x 12 x 5″. Within that range, we’ll custom make your tote the size you need, make your tote’s handles the length you need, and make your tote’s interior side pockets the width you prefer.

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