Pedestal Tote in hand-colored, water repellent, colorfast linen and leather.

We custom hand-color Belgian artist linen on opposite sides of each panel to make your colorfast, stain and water repellant linen and leather tote. You may specify linen colors with natural, tannery-colored or hand-colored leather trim.

Our linen and leather finishing techniques result in constructions that are 30% lighter weight than their all-leather counterparts. Interchangeable, modular organizers and kits make them as versatile as well.

A pedestal incorporated into the base of the Pedestal Tote makes it as stable and easily organized as our top loading travelers’ briefcase styles.

Show us what you carry. Without extra cost, we’ll make your tote the dimensions you need to accomodate the assortment of garments and gear you pack. And by special order, we’ll mix the colors you specify and hand-color your bags for you.

natural or tannery-colored leather trim $875
hand-colored leather trim $1750.