The Ellie Tote custom made with a hand painted interior

Custom-made to look, fit and function exactly as you want it to…

the new natural-leather Ellie Tote custom made with
hand-painted interior… hand-cut to fit you perfectly. $975.

The new Ellie Tote is also available with hand-grained leather dyed with colors studio-mixed to suit you. $1950.

We’ll make your tote using vegetable-tanned, hand-finished
leather from open-range, grass-fed cattle. Our studio-mixed
colors and finishes are colorfast, water-repellent and stain
resistant. Tell us about what you need by scheduling a free Zoom® video chat with Kari and Myron about the size, color
and handle length you want and we’ll make your Ellie Tote
for you… email or call 415-552-3188.