Hand-burnished black Deal Bag with cornflower blue grosgrain lining; 17 x 12 x 7″





7″ hand-burnished black Deal Bag: $1200. (Also available in hand-grained, hand-colored leather: $2400).

  • hand-burnished black saddle leather
  • cornflower blue grosgrain lining and silver hardware
  • leather shoulder strap made to length to fit you
  • handles each attach to flaps covering exterior side pockets
  • inside: one zippered pocket, a large pocket, two small pockets
    and a key ring lanyard
  • metal bottom studs
  • 17″L x 12″H x 7″W

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2 thoughts on “Hand-burnished black Deal Bag with cornflower blue grosgrain lining; 17 x 12 x 7″”

  1. I bought my Deal Bag in 1996 or 97. It served me well for years and many miles on planes.

    When I first came into your showroom/factory (in an upstairs loft, I believe) you took everything I had in a computer bag and a separate briefcase and loaded it into the Deal Bag. I was sold! Mine is black saddle leather, with a black interior. You also tossed in a couple of file organizers and gear bags!! And you made a special wider shoulder strap and ID holderwithmyinitials on it.

    In my Deal Bag, I traveled with a laptop, portable printer, paperwork, etc on many, many cross-country flights; doing work on my laptop and printing the results using the tray tables in two first class seats. It still looks good (I am retired) and just needs a little TLC. (Saddle soap? Mink oil?). I plan to use it as a classy weekend bag!

    Thanks for a memorable business accessory!

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