Hand-burnished espresso Club Bag with crimson red grosgrain lining; 19 x 13 x 8″

Hand-burnished,-espresso-Club-Bag-with-turquoise-blue-and-crimson-red-lining;-19-x-13-x-8' Hand-burnished,-espresso-Club-Bag-with-turquoise-blue-and-crimson-red-lining;-19-x-13-x-8'-back Hand-burnished,-espresso-Club-Bag-with-turquoise-blue-and-crimson-red-lining;-19-x-13-x-8';-19-x-13-x-8'-topdown2

19″ hand-burnished espresso Club Bag: $1150. (Also available in hand-grained, hand-colored leather: $2300).

  • hand-burnished espresso saddle leather
  • crimson red grosgrain lining and brass hardware
  • leather shoulder strap made to length to fit you
  • one zippered pocket in front
  • inside: one zippered pocket, a large pocket, two small pockets
    and a key ring lanyard
  • metal bottom studs and round handles
  • 19″L x 13″H x 8″W

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