2 thoughts on “Paul Theroux’s natural leather Flaptop Bag On Highway 61 in the Mississippi Delta”

  1. Love Paul Theroux’s bag. Size? Cost? Any close up pictures available? Mr. Theroux writes fondly of his bag in WSJ.

    1. hi Doug
      Paul’s bag is a ‘Headhunter’ Flaptop Bag – his bag is 17 x 12 x 5″ but the bag is also available in a range of sizes.
      The standard version of the bag is made of burnished saddle leather and costs $1175. Paul’s Bag is made of hand-grained
      cowhide – an open-range cowhide tanned in Argentina and hand-grained in our studio – the price of Paul’s Bag is $1750.
      There is a third version made of open-range Argentine leather that we hand-color in our studio; the price of the hand-colored
      style is $2300. For more information, please call us at 415 552 3188 and see these styles when convenient for you
      via skype video or facetime in our virtual showroom, or visit our San Francisco studio at 1435 Folsom. Double click on the
      image on our blog to see a close-up view.


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