Special order, fabric and leather black Day Bag; 17 x 12 x 4″


17″ hand-burnished black Day Bag: $1050. (Also available in hand-grained, hand-colored leather: $2100).

  • hand-burnished black saddle leather with black fabric
  • standard gray grosgrain lining and silver hardware
  • leather shoulder strap made to length to fit you
  • handles each attach to flaps covering exterior side pockets
  • inside: one zippered pocket, a large pocket, two small pocket and a key ring lanyard
  • metal bottom studs
  • 17″L x 12″H x 4″W

Please call 415 552 3188 to make an appointment to meet with us in our video showroom to see our most recent designs and work in process.

7 thoughts on “Special order, fabric and leather black Day Bag; 17 x 12 x 4″”

  1. Hi Al Hom,
    I’ve purchased two works of art from Glaser Designs…one just recently. You really can’t appricate the bags till you’ve filled it up with all your daily needs tossed it on to your shoulder…then wow… every where you go people stop and ask… where did you get such a beautifully crafted bag…really I travel a lot and I’m asked all the time.

    Al, When you walk into a meeting with your bag on your shoulder you demand respect…it’s like shoes… everyone one judges you by your shoes…now your judged by the bag on your shoulder and it feels great.

    I love my bag and if your lucky enough to become an owner of a Glaser Designed bag you’ll love yours too. It’s an ivestment…one that only goes up invalve.

    Al, do yourself a favor buy a bag…set yourself apart…youll never be happier. If you have any questions feel free to call me…Don Tracy …I’d be more then happy to talk with you.

    Have a great day!

    Myron-Carrie…thank you!

    1. Don:
      Thanks for the input. I own several GD bags and agree with you on their uniqueness and quality. I was at the GD showroom several months ago, but didn’t see this specific bag on display. I may ask Myron to sell one to me.

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