Hand-grained, hand-colored espresso Headhunter Flaptop Bag; 16 x 12 x 4″


16″ hand-grained hand-colored espresso Headhunter Bag.

  • exterior: hand-grained, hand-colored espresso open range cowhide
  • interior: hand-burnished natural leather trim
  • standard gray grosgrain lining 
  • silver hardware and natural thread
  • leather shoulder strap made to length to fit you
  • one zippered pocket in front and one zippered back pocket
  • inside: one zippered pocket, a large pocket, two small pockets and a key ring lanyard
  • metal bottom studs
  • 16″L x 12″H x 4″W

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4 thoughts on “Hand-grained, hand-colored espresso Headhunter Flaptop Bag; 16 x 12 x 4″”

    1. hi Tim, the bag shown is a variation of our flaptop bag – this one is an updated design that is 16 x 12 x 4″
      but several other sizes are available as well. The price of the hand-colored, hand-grained version that’s
      shown is $1750. It’s also available in natural hand-grained leather for $1450. And it’s available in
      hand-burnished saddle leather currently for $895. Thanks, Myron – 415 552 3188

  1. Myron, this finish is amazing! It’s quite eye catching. I loved watching you demonstrate your techniques at the StyleForum tour you gave.

    Many wishes for your continued success. I get compliments on your duffel bag nearly every day.

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