4 thoughts on “New Designs in Process”

  1. The tri-color bags are splendid! I do a LOT of window shopping and have recently been collecting Campomaggi bags, so I am jaded with looking and imagining the “new.” But these are definitely NEW! and I think they have legs; knowing what I do about the integrity of Glaser Designs, these bags fulfill the promise of their striking good looks. Question: they are clearly work bags, serious pedlar bags, so will the sense of “bling” (Myron is grimacing now) go down well?

  2. These are beautiful. It looks like you’ve also added a lower zipper to the back of the flaptop. Is this for a rollaboard handle pass-through?

    Do you have any plans to add a sailcloth version to the deal/litigation bags?

    Also, have you considered individually serial numbering your bags? Would add some provenance to them!

    1. The two-zipper design on the back of the flaptop is indeed designed for a rollerboard handle to pass through. Kari has some sketches for a tri-material traveler’s briefcase though we haven’t made a prototype yet. Regarding serial numbers for the bags, each bag is handmade in our studio … were you to order a bag, we would be happy to sign and date it for you (on the leather trim within the case) –


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