4 thoughts on “Hand-colored, hand-grained leather with hand-colored sailcloth laminate Work Tote”

    1. thanks Rich!

      this image represents a prototype of the new, ultralight tote series – the construction design, as well as the design of the
      hand-coloring and hand-graining process, are complete now.
      we’ll be putting up new images as we receive orders for these styles and photograph them –


  1. Pretty bag. Why not more info? Dimensions? How do Glaser Design units fit into the bag? Totes are a growing tip, but most of them are less stiff. I’m sure there are benefits (like your predesigned modules?)– certain soft things like to be surrounded by hard things.

    1. Hi Tom –

      Good to hear from you! This tote isn’t stiff – weighs under 3 pounds, is available in many different sizes, and color (hand-colored) combinations. This particular image represents a prototype – will have image of a more representative version up soon. Many modular strategies (tactics, sorry!) available to customize the functionality of the design. See them here:
      or hook up with us via a free Skype video call so that I can show them to you. Please call for an appointment 415 552 3188 so we can prepare the styles you would like to see


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