Sailcloth laminate and hand-colored leather Flaptop Bag

Here’s a prototype of a new construction we are working on – Please click the image for a larger view. We hand color open range cowhide with Noodler’s  Fountain Pen Ink, then hand finish the grain to make it colorfast, then hand grain the surface to emphasize its natural characteristics. The sailcloth laminate is lightweight and durable – the structure is as stable as our all-leather styles. Please make an appointment to visit our virtual showroom to learn more.

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  1. interesting bag. how does the weight compare to a leather/ballistic nylon version? can the sailcloth come in color to match the leather?

    1. Hi Eric – The sailcloth and leather bag is considerably lighter than the all-leather style. We hand-color the leather with Noodler’s Fountain Pen Ink – the process of coloring the skins is complex. We have created a process by which we can assure the colorfastness of the dye. The sailcloth material is a transparent laminate – there is a woven black sailcloth interstitial fabric that makes the image appear as if the sailcloth has a color. The light-colored leather within the bag is hand-grained open range cowhide. The natural color will darken as it is used.

      1. Myron

        I have an older deal bag and 2 compartment luggage (both in great shape) – I travel shorter trips these days and am interested in the square duffle – could you make that in the leather/sailcloth combination?


        1. Hi Charlie

          We are just starting to make the square duffels in sailcloth and leather. Please call
          to discuss leather and color options – 800 234 1075


  2. This looks great. Will you prototype a deal bag in this style? I would love to see a black leather/sailcloth combo, especially for the larger deal and litigation bags, where with all of the internal contents, the weight can add up.

  3. Armitage,

    We are working on prototypes of all of our designs in leather and sailcloth combinations. There will be several alternative constructions – one featuring hand-finished vegetable tanned leather and sailcloth laminate, another featuring styles made entirely of hand-colored materials. Please call us at 415 552 3188 for more information.


    1. Thanks for your note, Justin. The strap is one-inch wide and increases in width towards its center as it forms an integrated shoulder pad then narrows back to an inch on the opposite side. There are buckle adjustments on both sides. We could conceivably make a wider strap for you by special order but that would require commensurably larger buckles, loops, rings, etc. Regarding its thickness, it’s about 1/8th inch thick – no problem making the strap thicker for you were you to desire that. Please let me know. Thanks, Myron.

      1. Hi – I am curious as to why you switched from metal swivel hooks to just the leather straps for the shoulder strap attachment. My bag, which is a few years old, has the swivel hooks, but your recent bags just use the leather strap. Is there a reason?

        1. Armitage,

          We removed the swivel hooks from our shoulders straps a few years back to lighten the weight of the straps and improve their design. – Thanks, Myron.

  4. Hi Myron,
    I wanted to know if the new Flaptop bag with sailcloth is ready. I am about ready to place an order for i and some accessories. I would like my bag in Black Leather.
    Also, please advise on the solution we talked about to clean my litigation bag.

    Best regards,

    Richard L Gant
    New York City

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